Educational Material

Team Concept Meeting 2017
Rehab Throwers Shoulder
RTP Criteria Thrower 2017

Wilk San Diego, CA - December 9th & 10th, 2011 material:
Scapular Importance
Clinical Biomechanics of the Shoulder Complex

Metcalf Meeting 2011: 
Meniscus Rehab
Tendinopathies Sports
Rehab Unstable Shoulder
ACL Rehab 2011
Advanced Rehab Concepts

Mulligan / Wilk Presentations:
RTC Non-Op
Adhesive Capsulitis
Patellar Tendinitis
Principles of Rehab

Exam Throwers Shoulder
SLAP lesions throwers

* Recent Advances in the Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder
downloadable files:

» References
» Articles
» Exercises

* Recent Advances in the Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee
downloadable files:

» References
» Articles - Part 1
» Articles - Part 2
» Exercises

Interval Tennis Program

APTA Combined Section Meeting (CSM) in San Diego, CA - ACL Rehab Talk Presentation

Upper and Lower Quadrant Powerpoint Presentations:
» Principles in Rehab
» RTC Non-Op
» Adhesive Capsulitis
» Patellofemoral
» What's new AC rehab
» Elbow Rehab

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