Fellowship Application

  • 12 Month Residency
  • 6 Month Fellowship
  • 1 Month Observational Fellowship
  • 1 Week Observational Fellowship

Dear Physical Therapy Residency Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in our sports physical therapy residence program. The residency program is one year in duration and is a very dynamic and provides a multi-discipline approach to the rehabilitation program. During this year you will participate in clinical care, research, education and sports medicine outreach programs. This is a demanding program and requires your time, dedication, and commitment to fulfill the requirements of this program.

We do offer short term fellowship programs of 6 months, 1 month , and a week observational fellowship. Please specific in your application and letter which program you are applying for.

Our residence program has affiliations with high school and college athletic teams. Additionally you will be able to observe Sports Medicine personal with professional teams as well.

The application process is very competitive and usually yields dozens of applicants for one position each year. The selection process is performed through an application process, interviews, and recommendation letters.

Please complete the downloadable application form and send your curriculum vitae as well as a 150 word essay on your goals and why you want to be a part of our residence program. Send this information and 3 recommendation letters to at the address below.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you again for your interest.

Continued Success,

Kevin E. Wilk, DPT, PT
Program Director
Vice President Clinical Education
Physiotherapy Associates


Purpose: Expose the clinician to clinical examination & treatment of specific patients. This program will include a multi-discipline approach to treatment
Program: The clinician will observe the rehabilitation clinic, sports performance area, biomechanics lab & operating room.
Dates: Dates & times are flexible, will be determined by Fellowship Director.
Fee: Administration fees may apply...
Certification: Applicant will receive a observational fellowship document


Purpose: Expose the clinician to new & state of the art concepts in the evaluation & treatment of patients. The applicant will be exposed to a multi-discipline approach to treatment.
Program: The curriculum will include physical therapy treatment, physician office time, surgery exposure, biomechanics lab and research exposure. (Applicant must have Alabama PT State License).
Dates: Flexible schedule – actual schedule is dependent on program chair & applicant.
Fees: Administration fees may apply
Certification: Applicants will receive a short term fellowship certificate
Please mail your application to:
Attn: Kevin Wilk, D.P.T.
Champion Sports Medicine
806 St. Vincent's Drive
WCC Bldg. - Suite 620
Birmingham, AL 35202